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NextGEN/NextSTEP has carefully selected and designed topics to be universal to all sport.  We collected insights from Olympic athletes, top coaches, and builders of sport. We see these elements as foundational to planning for and achieving success.

Importantly, the knowledge gained through these sessions, will support the Athlete Action Planning workshop held at the end of each day.  Young athletes, parents, and coaches will leave the conference better prepared for their sport and life in general.

An Athlete's Journey

Setting the stage for the conference we sit down with Larisa Yurkiw, an accomplished alpine skier who rose through the ranks to become one of the world's best.  We'll learn about her early years, major milestones, successes, and setbacks.  Her story will inspire and provide deep insights for athletes, parents, and coaches. 

Safe Sport

Safe Sport may be the of the most important topic in the Canadian sport eco-system. NextGEN/NextSTEP is delighted to have Allison Forsyth from ITP Sport & Recreation address this topic first hand.  Allison brings a wealth of Safe Sport experience to the table and is arguably Canada's leading expert on the topic. 

Moving Away From Home / Time On The Road

As athletes improve their standing, it's inevitable that more time must be spent on the road seeking out better competition or moving away from home to get the best coaching or training.  What should athletes, parents, and coaches be doing to ensure that time away is well spent and doesn't do more harm than good.  

Metal & Physical Health

A sound body equals a sound mind.  If only it were that simple. A panel of experts addresses the mental and physical challenges of sport.  What should athletes and their support networks be doing to ensure the physical and mental health for the long term  

Characteristics Of A Great Coach/Parent/Athlete

Champions are often quick to point out that success in sport is rarely, if ever, an individual accomplishment.  Great champions are equally the product of extreme talent aligned with the right environment. Learn from a panel of experts what atributes and behaviours parents, coaches, and athletes should instill to ensure success in sport and in life.  

Managing Your Career

As the business of sport grows and evovles, it is increasingly important to pay attention to an athlete's career at a younger and younger age.  What are the financial considerations as the athlete develops potential and then finds success? How does one best manage their online presence?  Hear from a financial expert, social media guru, and a top sports agent.

Multi-Sport And When To Focus

More and more coaches agree that playing different sports at a young age is beneficial for the long term development of an athlete and doesn't restrict potential.  But every top athlete must make a decision at some point to select and focus on one-sport.  What should today's young athletes consider when selecting their sport.  

Education And Sport Pathways

How does one balance academic excellence and high-performance sport.  Does a sport-focused high school make sense?  Is a virtual education comprehensive enough?  Can sport take your athlete to U-Sport in  Canada or to the US with the NCAA?  Is it worth skipping school and focusing on sport? Hear from a panel of experts on the different pathways in sport and education to figure out what's right for you. 

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Hindsight is 20/20.  And reflecting back on ones career can provide some important clarity and help making decisions for today's developing athelte.  Learn from the mistakes, successes, and perspectives of those who've been there and done that. 


This session will be divided between the athletes and the adults.  Athletes will hear from peers 5-10 years ahead in their development cycle.  Parents and coaches will heat from their peers about their time as atheltes, coaching, and as parents.  

Athlete Action Planning

Attending an event like NextGEN/NextSTEP is a remarkable opportunity to hear firsthand from leaders in sport.  You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions and seek insights into your unique scenarios.  From our perspective, that's not enough. 

On each day of the conference, time will be set aside for each athlete, along with the support and insight from their coaches or parents, to create an Athlete Action Plan.  The action planning process will be facilitated by a strategic planning expert. 

At the end of the conference, each athlete will have a practical and thorough document that outlines a 12-month road map to accomplish their athletic, academic, and personal goals.

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