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The Concept

The journey of a top athlete isn't a straight one.  There are ups and downs. Success and failures. Injuries and leaps forward. 

On every journey, however, there are times to pause, reflect and evaluate.

Do I wish to continue?  What can I do better?

Do I have what it takes?  Is it worth the sacrifice?   

NextGEN/NextSTEP is designed to help young athletes understand the pathway forward.  We've brought together a mixture of world-class athletes, coaches, and experts who understand what it takes.  Over a day-and-a-half, they will share their perspectives, gained through real-life experience, to help aspiring athletes plan their next steps.  

Beyond insights, candid storytelling, and Q&A opportunities, each athlete will walk away with a personalized Action Plan to guide them through the next steps of their athletic journey.  

Attend NextGEN/NextSTEP and tap into the wisdom of others to accelerate your dreams. 

Female Swimmers
Young Fencing Girl


Provide young athletes, coaches, and parents insights to find success in sport and in life. 

Female Swimmers


Be an important step in the journey of a young athlete's development. 

Tennis Players
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